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We offer ways to help you get the care you need where and how you need it.

In-Home Health Kit Mailings

We'll send you home health screening kits, including colon cancer screening or A1c or MicroAlbumin diabetes kits so you can complete them in your own home.

We can share the results with your doctor to help coordinate your care.

In-Home Screening Visits

No-cost in-home check up with a nurse practitioner to review your medications and health history, conduct a physical exam and discuss health needs.

We share the results with your doctor to ensure they are added to your medical record.

Health Reminders & Scheduling Assistance

We’re here to help you remember things like prescription refills and when to scheduled preventive care appointments.

We’ll even help you schedule your appointments.

Mobile Health Assessments

We offer free access to mobile health and mammography buses at convenient locations near you.

Mobile staff help schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor.

Last Updated: 01.01.2022