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How Do Better You Strides* Rewards Work?

When you log in to your online Florida Blue member account, you'll have the opportunity to participate in rewards with three easy steps.

Join our member-exclusive Better You Strides rewards program

Complete personalized, rewardable activities

Redeem points for dollars that can be used toward qualifying health care costs

Explore All of the Rewards Options Available to You

Pick from a list of rewardable activities available to you. Each activity may be worth a different amount of points, so you can choose the best way to earn your rewards. Once you opt into rewards, navigate to the My Healthy Activities page to see a full list.

You've Earned Points! Now What Can You Do?

Based on your plan and how many rewards points you earn, you'll be able to use them toward qualifying premium or health care costs. 

1,000 POINTS =  $10

Get Rewarded by Choosing a Preferred Imaging Location

You can often save on out-of-pocket costs by choosing a preferred imaging location. As a Better You Strides rewards member, you can earn points by choosing the lower cost option for the following imaging services:

  • MRI: 6,000 points ($60)
  • CT Scan: 7,500 points ($75)

To take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to join our rewards program today if you haven't already!

Get Even More as a Florida Blue Member!

Woman in lyft with mask

Need a Ride to a Medical Appointment?

Florida Blue has partnered with Lyft to provide you with a way to get to and from your appointment—stress free.2

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Get Exclusive Discounts

You can get discounts on gym memberships, fitness gear, healthy eating options, and more through Blue365

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Find Local Activities Near You

Florida Blue Centers offer events like fitness and educational classes, plus health services like vaccinations at no extra cost.

Getting to Know Your Rewards Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

Better You Strides is a personalized wellness and rewards program that helps you make the most of your health plan and encourages you to participate in healthy activities. You get to choose which activities you want to participate in and you can apply your rewards toward qualifying health care costs.

There is no additional cost to join Better You Strides. The program is designed with personalized activities to support your unique health journey. 

The Rewards Center includes a page where you can view your rewards history. This page will show all of your activity and point details. 

Yes! Log in to the Florida Blue mobile app and navigate to My Rewards. You'll be able to see and participate in activities there. 

Based on your plan and how many rewards points you earn, you'll be able to use them toward qualifying premium or health care costs. You'll need to visit the Rewards Center from your online Florida Blue member account and click Redeem Rewards. You'll need at least a $5 balance to start redeeming. 

*The Better You Strides program is available to Florida Blue members age 18 and older. Eligibility is limited to members with an individual/family individual ACA plan and members with coverage from their fully insured group employer health plan. If you have Florida Blue coverage through your job, ask your benefits administrator if you qualify. Florida Blue has entered into an arrangement with Onlife to provide Florida Blue members with care decision support services, information and other services. Please remember that all decisions that require or pertain to independent professional medical/clinical judgment or training, or the need for medical services, are solely your responsibility and the responsibility of your physicians and other health care providers. The programs mentioned above are subject to change.