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Health is shaped by far more than what happens at your doctor’s office or hospital. Florida Blue recognizes the need for whole-person care including physical, mental and social health. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health care, but rather holistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of individuals and communities. 

We work closely with hundreds of trusted partners to break down barriers, reduce stigmas, address social determinants of health and identify factors that negatively impact the health of our communities. As we enhance our delivery of whole-person health, we’re continuing to address the need for greater affordability, accessibility and equity to advance better health outcomes and serve as a driving force for change and innovation in health care.

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Health Equity

Our mission has always driven us to lead the way in diversity, inclusion and health equity for our members and communities. We strengthened this commitment by establishing the Equity Alliance, an initiative focused on addressing systemic racism and health inequities for Black Americans throughout Florida. As part of this commitment, we have pledged to invest $25 million through the year 2025 to address issues of injustice and inequity.

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Health Equity Call to Action

Jacksonville Free Press
February 10, 2022

Mental Health

We believe there is no health without mental health. The path to mental well-being can feel difficult at times, but Florida Blue members don’t have to go it alone — we are here to provide support and to help connect you to the services you need.

With the pandemic’s heavy toll on the mental health of our communities, we have expanded our self-help tools and personalized resources to place a greater focus on your mental well-being. From the Better You Strides online wellness and rewards program to meQuilibrium that uses data-driven insights to help reduce stress, we’re always looking for ways to help you feel your best — both in body and spirit.

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Strike the Stigma

Florida Blue partners with the Tampa Bay Lightning to encourage conversation about mental health

September 29, 2021

Affordability and Accessibility

We never stop working to make quality health care more affordable and accessible for Floridians. Investor-owned health insurance companies have a responsibility to their shareholders. But the policyholder-owned Florida Blue model means we can redirect our profits into our member programs in ways that benefit you through reduced premiums and improved benefits. You are at the center of everything we do. 

Balancing numbers

Health care partnerships must deliver better quality, access and affordability

By Pat Geraghty, President & CEO, Florida Blue & GuideWell

Modern Caregiving Whitepaper

Florida Blue Medicare is committed to supporting our caregiver population.

Florida Blue dedicated to addressing health care affordability

Sarasota Observer
Nick Kouris, Florida Blue Market Leader, Southwest Florida

How Better Point-of-Care Data Helps Providers Improve Care

By Chuck Divita, Executive Vice President, Commercial Markets

In Your Neighborhood

We’ve cared for the people and communities of Florida for more than 75 years. Our company is made up of people that genuinely care for those communities because they live, work and play in them — cheering for the local teams, volunteering at local nonprofits and engaging with neighbors at community celebrations. 

Our local approach gives us a meaningful understanding of the many unique communities that make up our state and allows us to develop health solutions shaped for the distinctive needs of each one. 

Whether you’re unsure how to find the right doctor, overwhelmed by a new diagnosis or facing personal struggles in caring for yourself or others, our local Florida Blue Centers have community specialists and neighborhood nurses who provide personalized guidance, coaching and support—in person, by phone or virtually. 

The best way for us to support the communities we serve, is to partner with them. That’s why we listen to you and work together to find solutions to a number of challenges. By teaming up with our community partners, we hope to collectively make a long-lasting, positive impact on the health of neighborhoods all across Florida — including yours.

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