Wondering how to choose the right Medicare plan?

There are many things to look into when you’re shopping for Medicare plans. Ultimately, what matters is finding a plan that fits your lifestyle and meets your unique needs. We offer a variety of Medicare plans to help you pick the best plan for you.

How to Pick a Medicare Plan

Consider these factors when looking for the right Medicare plan.


What is the overall cost of the plan, from your monthly premium to out-of-pocket expenses like deductible, copayments, and coinsurance?


Do you want a plan that offers extra benefits like vision, dental and hearing? Are you interested in fitness programs, ways to save money and wellness incentives?

Doctors and Hospital Choice

Do you want to be able to choose the doctors you prefer to see? Do you want a primary care physician (PCP) coordinating your care?

Prescription Drugs

Is a Medicare prescription drug plan provided? If you take regular prescriptions, are they on the formulary?


Do you travel often or have a home in another state? Do you need a larger provider network to cover you?


Are providers who accept Medicare located nearby? Can you get prescription or specialty drugs through the mail?

Use our Online Provider Directory to see if your doctors and specialists are in-network.

Explore the types of Medicare plans available to you to help you make a confident decision.

When it comes to picking a Medicare plan, know that you have options to get the coverage you need.

Option 1:

Want to find a plan that best meets your specific needs? Consider selecting and purchasing different types of Medicare coverage.

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