When and how do I enroll my loved one in Medicare?

If your loved one is getting closer to 65, there are many ways to be prepared to assist them with Medicare. As a caregiver, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the important initial enrollment period dates and learn how to enroll your loved one in Medicare coverage when the time comes. Knowing more about aging into Medicare can also give you a good grasp on what to expect for your loved one.

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Tools you need to care for your loved one and yourself

Our Family Caregiver page has resources to help you manage your loved one's health information and assist you in taking care of them. It's hard enough to take care of someone else, so we also have some resources dedicated to taking care of you while you act as a caregiver.

Family Caregiver Guide

Focus on the Caregiver Journey

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Florida Blue Medicare is a key partner in the MIT AgeLab's caregiving research initiative, called CareHive, which aims to find ways of improving quality of life for the older generation and their family caregivers. The MIT AgeLab's research in health wellbeing and caregiving integrates health awareness, new technologies and novel approaches to understanding human behavior. Together, we present our Modern Caregiving whitepaper, which highlights key insights about the unique experiences of caregivers and helpful tools and resources to help caregivers like you make better health decisions.

Modern Caregiving

Modern Caregiving Manual

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