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Claims and Health Statements FAQs

You can log in to your member account at or call the Customer Service number on your member ID card.

When you’re in the United States and choose doctors or hospitals that participate in our BlueCard program, the health care provider will submit claims on your behalf. When you visit a non-participating provider throughout the U.S.and providers outside the U.S., you may be responsible for filing your claims.

To locate a provider outside of Florida or the U.S., visit or call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583).

For more information, BlueOptions and BlueChoice members please refer to our BlueCard brochure. BlueCare (HMO) members, please refer to our Away from Home Care brochure.

You can log in to your member account at to email us a question. Or you can call the Customer Service number on your member ID card.

View information about your HIPAA Privacy Rights.

Not if you choose a provider from within your plan provider network. Your provider should process all claim submission paperwork on your behalf. If you choose a provider outside the network, you may have to file claims for reimbursement.

A Member Health Statement is a summary of finalized health and pharmacy claims for the prior month. This statement shows how claims were paid and what amounts you may be responsible for paying. You’ll also find helpful tips for maximizing your benefits and taking care of your health.

To see your Health Statement and all of your claims, log in to your member account and view Claims & Expenses. Your statements are always available online where you can view, sort and print your information, if desired. You can also receive a statement in the mail if you log in and choose paper instead of online statements.

Florida Blue strives to cover procedures, treatments, devices and drugs that are proven to be safe and effective for a particular disease or condition. Our Medical Coverage Guidelines include criteria used in determining coverage for payment purposes.

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