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Report Insurance Fraud and Abuse

Health care fraud and abuse affects all of us by increasing the cost of health care services and health coverage premiums.

To combat fraud and abuse, Florida Blue’s Special Investigation Unit conducts investigations when a fraudulent insurance act is suspected or has been committed.  These acts range from billing for a service that was never rendered to duplicate submission of a claim for the same service and misrepresenting the services provided.

If you believe you have information relating to health care fraud and/or abuse, file an Insurance Fraud and Abuse report.  We review all reports and may contact you if additional information is needed.  Allegations that show sufficient evidence to support possible fraudulent activity may be assigned for investigation.

 Reports can be completed and submitted online, or you may download a form in PDF format and return it to us by U.S. mail.  If you are unable to complete one of the forms below, you may call the Special Investigation Unit.

Report Fraud and Abuse Online

Report Fraud and Abuse by Mail

For More Information
Contact the Florida Blue Special Investigation Unit at
(800) 678-8355

 FB FRD 001 NF 082018

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Report Insurance Fraud and Abuse | Florida Blue

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If you suspect fraud, waste, and/or abuse you can report your allegations, here.
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